Mauritz Was born in South Africa close to Johannesburg and at the age of 7 moved to the North western area of neighboring  country Namibia.  His parents bought a local shop in a very small village called Kamanjab, where they sold everything from ice cream to car parts as it was the last stop to refuel before the next town.

The greater Kunene region had a population of just over 6000 and the town was segregated until 1990 when Namibia became independent. It was in this shop that Mauritz encountered for the first time local tribes people of the North like the Himba and Herero and in particular the way these two tribes dress. He was especially intrigue by the Himba culture, the red ochre stone color the Himba ladies rub themselves with and the jewelry they wear daily.

Fascinated by their simple way of life, their color and their intense eye for design, shape and form still inspires Mauritz in his work as designer such as in his 2016 private collection drawing elements from the Herero Genocide that took place in Namibia between 1904 and 1907.

Mauritz studied in Cape Town, but never completed his two courses. Instead he went home and started cutting up his curtains and bed sheets to make fitting garments. To him the best theory was to design for the body and for a personality...not for a mannequin or a pattern in 5th scale for class.

Since 2000 he has developed high-end couture not always for the fickle fashion market but at times rather as artistic technical feats. At the same time ready to wear items are available to a larger accessible market.

In 2011 He completed his Fashion Masters in Italy and for most of his time abroad lived in the city of Naples which for decades have been plagued by trash problems.  Not being able to speak Italian initially and therefore not being able to find a part-time job he used to mentally landmark usable ideas.